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CAD Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Computer Repair
M.S. Design charges 35 dollars an hour for most of our services.  We believe this is an excellent price for the services we offer.  Our websites averagely cost 1500 dollars.  Other companies will charge from 60 to 120 dollars an hour for the same multimedia services.  Take a more detailed look at our services.  Just click on the item you would like to read about.

CAD Design/Mechanical Engineering
Markups, designs, complete 3-D models and rendering creation for both Mechanical and Architectural plans.

Web Design
Our Company creates a completely custom design website that flows well with your businessís look and feel.

Action, still, landscape, you name it M.S. Design will take a picture of it.

Need help with your computers, from problems, to learning, to buying a new computer M.S. Design can help you get the the next step.

Have your computer rebuild today.  Click here for more details.

Graphic Design
Designing the right logo, flyer, business card, etc.. can help you move to a higher level.

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Business: 815.325.4544
Fax: 707.924.2429
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Web Design
Host, Design, Domain, Text, Pictures, Flash....
CAD Design
Architectural, Mechanical, 3-D,    2-D, Rendering....
Computer Repair
Fixing, Rebuild