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If you would like to get performance back from your computer call 815.325.4544 anytime (day or night) or email to get your computer serviced today!!

Need help understanding how we can help your computer?

Frequent and Heavy Internet usage can often cause problems with your computer.  You may be downloading a virus or spyware without even knowing it!  M.S. Design will rebuild your machine and make it run like the day you bought it.  We will backup all of your information, erase the hard drive, and rebuild it from the ground up.  We then run your files thru a series of filters and put the clean copies back on your newly rebuilt machine.  The result is a fast running and clean machine with updated utilities to help keep it free from problems in the future.

What do we mean by Rebuild?
First, we start off by saving all your important files (school papers, documents, pictures, data that you will need in the future) to our server (hard drive).  Then we will begin the rebuild.  This means we will delete all the files that have been saved, downloaded, and installed on your computer.  Do not worry we will replace your software and files!!  Now that there are no files on your computer we begin to install the newest software programs.  We only install the programs that will be virus free and that will help your computer run and stay running without viruses.  After we have installed all the software we will scan all the files that were saved from your computer to check for viruses.  Then we will copy the files back to your computer. 

Initial Computer setup form

Customer must fill out form before we service the computer.  If you have any questions about the form or are unable to access this form please contact us and we will personally drop the form off at your location. Click Here

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M.S. Design's Process of Computer Build.

M.S. Design will be contacted by you (the Customer) through phone or email.
M.S. Design will request contact information from  you (the customer) and then we will email, fax, save from website, or drop off our Service Request Form. 
You (the Customer) will fill out the Service Request Form.
You (the Customer) will contact M.S. Design to schedule Pickup or delivery of computer.
M.S. Design technician will confirm that the Service Request Form is properly filled out and the computer is ready to be serviced.
M.S. Design will then copy customer files over to our Server.
Then M.S. Design will begin the process of rebuilding the computer.
M.S. Design technician will fill out a form of completion along with future options for the computer.
M.S. Design will contact customer to schedule drop off or Pickup.

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