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Is Drafting Driving you Crazy?

The kind that gives you a headache just looking at them. Wouldn’t your time be better spent on something else?  Now there is a better way to handle all your drafting headaches: Let M.S. Design do it for you!

We use Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs to create markups, designs, complete 3-D models and rendering creation for both Mechanical and Architectural plans.

Like a photo, drawings are worth a thousand words and almost nothing can be produced without them. Therefore, the time it takes to generate them and the accuracy of their information is critical. Our CAD operators are experienced in the latest products to provide quality support in the following areas of CAD drafting:

bullet  2-D/3-D Architectural (floor plans, elevations, details, site work, etc..)
bullet  2-D/3-D Mechanical (layout drawings, subassembly drawings, details, etc..)
Our drafters are accurate, our rates are competitive, and we work exceptionally faster. 
Send us your sketches at the end of your workday and the completed drawings will be on your desktop when you come in the next day.

Client: Reds Industrial Maintenance
Valparaiso, IN
Reds Industrial Maintenance designs and fabricates Mechanical and Cryogenic freezer equipment. Reds Industrial was in need of a CAD Designer/Mechanical Engineer so we were hired to perform these duties.  M.S. Design has helped and improved sales at Reds Industrial Maintenance.
CAD Design Services:
Mechanical Engineering, AutoCAD layout, Verifying drawings
Other Services
Website Design


Client: Oak Hill Center
Westmont, Illinois
Contract work (Past 2 years) Oak Hill Center wanted their 4 story building put on CAD for later renovations.  We went to Oak Hill Center to measure each floor to produce drawings.  We also made sure everything matched their old manual drawings and our CAD drawings.  We also did some training with AutoCAD and helped with some computer problems.  Oak Hill is a good company to work with.
CAD Design Services:
Site Measuring, AutoCAD layout, Verifying drawings
Other Services
Updating computers, Discussion of 3-D drawings, Discussion of website updating, AutoCAD Training

Client: Walgreen's
Lisle, Illinois
Designing and Drafting the electrical plans for a new Walgreen's in Lisle, Illinois.  Working with multiple engineers and working very close with an electrical engineer on mark ups.
CAD Design Services:
AutoCAD layout, Electrical Design, Draft Marking ups, Verifying drawings
Other Services
Communicate with Engineers and Architects on the new designs

Client: Sheradon Residence
Downers Groove, Illinois
The Sheradon Residence wanted to add an addition to their house but couldn't without a permit so M.S. Design produced drawings of the new addition.
CAD Design Services:
AutoCAD layout, Electrical Design, Drafting Mark ups, Verifying drawings
Other Services
Communicate with Architects on the new designs and mark ups.

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